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von l. nach r. Matscho, Danny, Moreno und Titi. Jazzfestival Samois sur Seine! Titi und Rittari in Samois sur Seine 06

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hofpetra@web.de oder hoefchen001@web.de Mobil: 0176-965-381-21 oder: 0173-42-11-898 Titi Bamberger

Titi Bamberger

Jazz- Swing Kapelle 30er- 40er Jahre

Walzer de Musette

Stil of France Traditionelle Sinti Musik a lá card

Django Reinhardt

Wir spielen zu jedem Anlass und sind als 3-Mann bis zur 6- Mann Kapelle buchbar!

In der Besetzung spielt für Sie:

Bandleader und Gitarrist Titi Bamberger

an der Geige Christoph König

Am Akkorrdion Ricki Adler

An der Rythmus und Solo Gitarre Mario Adler

An der Sologitarre Ottorino Galli

Jazz- Swing band 30´s- 40´s- 50´s

Walzer de Mousette

Traditional Sinti Musik a lá card

Stil of France Django Reinhardt

We play at every occasion and can be booked as an 3-man up to an 6 man-chapel

Mustafa an der Trommel/Rhythmus (Persien) ... ein ganz toller Sound

Solo Ottorino Freyer feat. Titi und Mustafa Rhytmus


In Memories to my best friend, worldstar Rico Lanza, the best singer with the song "Mama dolores" which goes around the world. For me a big man and it was a big honour to play for him, that he plays on the piano and I could play with him in his own restaurant. He died last year with 60 years.And the world is for one big singer poorer. Like his father the world star Mario Lanza!

With assertive approbation from Rita Lanza!

Titi und Ottorino Live an der Riviera Tschavolo Schmidt

Bamboula Ferret, Titi and Stochelo Rosenberg Konzert in Samois sur Seine

Burg Wilhelmstein Würselen. am 16.Juli 2006

My best meeting in my life was that I coul´d met him and he invited me to his Showroom Jose Feliciano and Titi! Because I adore him very much as singer and musician and that he gave me his hand and he was very glad to play with gypsies.

rechts oben: This book is sell in French and the picture on the front page is Titi´s guitar. You can buy it in French.

Dieses Buch wird in Frankreich verkauft und auf der Titelseite ist Titi´s Gitarre und Fotos zu sehen.